Adnan's story


I love photography because it lets me see the world from a different angle. Through photography, I can show everyone the beauty of nature and cities. I like taking photos of the sky, the stars, and the sunset, which is the most beautiful scene in the world. 


I also like taking photos of people’s beautiful faces to show how hard they work to make a living for them and their families. 

My name is Adnan Al Faramaly. I'm a young man from the city of Homs, Syria. Today I am 18 years old, but when I was 14 years old my hobbies were swimming and playing soccer with my friends. I was always the goalkeeper. Then I was shot by a sniper, which caused partial paralysis and led me to lose any ambition I may have had. 


My family came to Lebanon to try to find a way to access medical treatment for restoring my ability to stand and walk again. One day my family and I were passing by the youth social services center in Akkar, and we found out that they provided different courses like nursing, languages and photography. So I registered in the photography class. 


During the photography course I met a girl who told me how she was shot in her face in Syria and how the organization INARA had been helping her in getting the best treatment. She told me that they might be able to help me get the needed treatment since their mission is to help children and youth injured in conflict zones. 


That day, I contacted the caseworker at INARA and explained my situation in detail. INARA gave me hope again. At the time, I had become pessimistic about standing or walking again, even with the help of some special equipment. 


My feelings before joining INARA were the feelings of boredom and despair. I was trying to find a way to pursue my studies and get the needed medical treatment. But now that I've started my treatment through INARA, my concern is to finish my studies and help other injured children by putting them in contact with INARA.


After I entered into this center where I am doing my physiotherapy treatment now, I met many others whose medical conditions are similar to mine. I discovered that there are other people that have suffered even more than I have. This made me feel better. It's not that I was happy to hear about their struggles, but I finally felt that I wasn’t the only person going through a tough experience. Their stories gave me strength and more determination to get the best out of the physiotherapy sessions. I became more optimistic and I have been taking more intensive sessions to be able to stand and walk again using the standing assistance technology.

Photo by INARA staff.

Photo by INARA staff.

I am so grateful that I am surrounded by many supportive people who have my back and motivate me. Without those people, I don’t think I could have made it so far. This is why I ignore the words from some people who try to hinder my strength and my ambition.

Adnan and his dad at the Beirut Marathon 2015. Photo by INARA staff.

Adnan and his dad at the Beirut Marathon 2015. Photo by INARA staff.

The most supportive person is my dad. He always helps me to overcome whatever difficulties I face.

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When I became paralyzed, I lost all hope. I was lonely and depressed. But now I feel that I am much stronger. I have many ambitions; the most important is pursuing my studies to become a computer programmer and a professional photographer.

Photo by Adnan's father.   All photos taken by Adnan, unless stated otherwise.

Photo by Adnan's father.

All photos taken by Adnan, unless stated otherwise.