Year end reflections from Arwa Damon

Year end reflections from our co-founder and President, Arwa Damon, CNN senior international correspondent.

It’s not always easy to see the good in the world.  I often can't when I’m consumed by the circumstances around me - a world where political maneuvers on a chessboard of death have resulted in so much misery.  And yet, even in my most cynical of moments, a part of me knows that compassion and humanity must still exist. After all, it’s what INARA relies on.

We have already seen the impact of our work in the faces and lives of the children we have helped. The best times are when we hear that one of our kids is back in school, or say they have hope again, or believe they can still make their own dreams come true.

The challenges, misery, violence, desperation are unfolding on such a massive scale it defies logic, it's overwhelming. The helplessness is suffocating. INARA is not reinventing the wheel, we are not going to save everybody, we know that. But it gives us a chance to do something, something tangible, something needed.

It's been five months since we officially launched. We’ve had over four dozen cases come through. Our amazing team works tirelessly, our brilliant network of doctors, therapists, medical institutions, the generous donations that have come through from around the world, have allowed us to get to this stage.

Once you see what can be done, once you see the children change, smile, live, laugh, you can’t ever let go, you can't ever give up trying. We have all together done this. Now is the time to do more, work harder, try harder. And we will.