Our Annual reports and Financial statements showcase the positive work that we’ve been doing for refugee children from Syria. 

Highlights from the 2016 year include:

  • We have assisted 46 children. 9 children have completed their medical treatment with us. 19 children are still receiving ongoing treatment. We have referred 18 children onto other organizations, who have then gone on to receive medical care
  • We received $680,511.39 during 2016. 52.5% of our income came from grants from foundations and institutions. The other 47.5% came from individual donations
  • We spent 73% of our total expenditure on program expenses. These include medical costs such as surgeries and medicine, and indirect caseworker and non-medical costs, like transportation to the medical facility
  • 55.5% of all of our expenses were spent on medical costs - the highest expenditure. Costs fluctuated depending on the child's need - ranging from a few dollars for medication up to $30,000. The average case cost was $5,880.

Download the 2015-16 Annual report here (9.6MB)

Download the 2016 Financial statement here (64KB)