We've produced a number of videos to tell the stories of the children that we help. Here are some below for you to have a look at. Please do check them out, share them, and like them! With your help we can reach even more people, and help even more war-wounded Syrian refugee children.

Our founder Arwa Damon discusses the huge impact that INARA's work has on refugee families from Syria.

Joud's mother tells us about how hard it was seeing her son injured when rockets landed on their street in Syria. She talks about how INARA helped her and her family through this difficult time.

What did you last do with your hands? It might seem trivial but for Fatima she will never forget. In this video she explains what having new hands will mean to her.

This video highlights all the work we've been doing with children we work with, helping to put smiles back on their faces and build happier futures for them. Together with your help we really can make a difference to their lives.

Adnan remembers the day that he was shot in the spine and lost movement in his lower body. He also talks about his future and how INARA has helped him to lead a more independent life.

Layla's father, Abdo, talks about how difficult it was for him and his wife to see their daughter hurt by the horrors of war. He gets emotional as he talks about the impact that INARA's medical treatment has had on their lives.

Dr Youssef Bakhach from the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC) is the doctor leading the incredible effort to rebuild Syrian refugee Fatima's hands. He discusses the complexities around Fatima's surgeries.

We asked some of our children what they would like to say to all of our supporters. This is what they said.

Rana couldn't even move her arms after boiling water fell on her during an airstrike in Syria. Now, thanks to your kind donations, she can move about easily. 

Amjad lives in a tent in the north of Lebanon. One day his tent caught fire, badly burning his feet. Find out about his journey to recovery.

At the airport, before jetting off to take part in the Barcelona Marathon, Adnan talks about how excited he is that this incredible dream was made true by the kind people at Catalunya Radio, the Government of Catalunya, and the Barcelona Marathon.

Adnan talks about his time in Barcelona, and how it felt to participate in the Barcelona Marathon.