Sofia is our Programme Manager. She has expertise in developing international humanitarian programmes - with over five years of experience working for organisations such as the British Red Cross. Alongside this, she has a Masters degree from University College London in global migration and is a specialist in refugee issues in Lebanon having conducted extensive research in the country. She’s determined to do the best for all the children on their INARA journey.

Maryam S INARA Arwa Damon CNN


Maryam is our caseworker. She has over five years of experience working with refugees. This includes the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and Jusoor. She studied Social Science at the Lebanese University and is doing a Masters in Social and Economic Development.


Sam is our Communications Officer. He has a lot of experience working in communications in the UK - including work for Arts Council England. He is fascinated by the ways that people communicate, and is constantly looking at new ways to reach people.